SCHOOL CLOSINGS, 2 HOUR DELAYS, EARLY DISMISSALS If bad weather forces us to start school late (we use 2 hour late starts only, never a one hour delay), go home early or cancel school for the day you can get this information several ways. We notify the following stations: TV: KXJB Channel 4; WDAY Channel 6; KVLY Channel 11. RADIO (FM) KBOT 104.1; KLTA 105.1; KVOX 99.9; KZCR 103.3; KJJK 96.5; KFGX 95.1; WDAY 93.7; KQWB 98.7; KFGO 101.9; (AM) KFGO 790; WDAY 970;KDLM 1200; KVOX 1280; KBRF 1250. We attempt to decide by 6:00 a.m. If you’re in doubt you can call us at 863-7000, even after hours we have the answering machine on. We leave the latest announcements on the machine.

We will also post closing or delay announcements to this site as soon as possible.